Wuthering Heights – One of the greatest ever British songs (7/22)

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In 2016, Wuthering Heights was named as the fifth-greatest song of the 70’s by famous online music publication Pitchfork. In 2020, The Guardian (long-running British newspaper) ranked it as the 14th best UK number one single. The song also came in at 32 in Q magazines Top 100 Singles of All Time.

Kate Bush dances throughout the video after she created the choreography and dance moves herself, where she interprets the ghoust of Cathy from the novel.

Critics at the time described the video as a milestone in the history of music videos before the MTV era. Pitchfork ranked it number three on the list of greatest music videos of the 70’s.

There are two music videos for Wuthering Heights, with Kate dancing in both. The above is the UK release where Kate dances in a room with white mist. The second version, which was produced for the American release, sees Kate dancing in an outside misty environment in a red dress amongst the pine trees. Check it out here and let us know in the comments which is your favourite of the two Wuthering Heights videos!

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