Woolly Mammoth (1/5)

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Of all the creatures who previously made their home on the British Isles, many are still alive today in some capacity, somewhere around the globe. However, this cannot be said of the gigantesque woolly mammoth, of whom the last of its species died around 4000 years ago. The average height for a male woolly mammoth is known to have been between nine-to-eleven feet tall, with its cousin, the Asian Steppe mammoth, being the largest of the species at thirteen-to-fifteen feet tall. They weighed up to six-thousand kilograms. Recent scientific research has discovered that mammoths were active on the British Isles until somewhere around ten thousand years ago. It is believed that they were wiped out sometime during the last ice age. However, some experts argue that it was not climate change that was responsible for wiping them out, but rather human hunters for whom their fur and tusks were an extremely valuable resource. 

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