Where the Geordie name comes from (12/12)

People from Newcastle are known as Geordies, and there are a few theories where this Geordie name came from. The most likely theory is that during the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion, where Charles Edward Stuart led the Scots into England in an attempt to regain the British throne for his father James Francis Edward Stuart, the city of Newcastle’s defended against them in support of King George II, and so the Jacobites referred to the inhabitants of Newcastle as ‘Geordies’, which is a derivation of George.

Another theory is that the name Geordie comes from George Stephenson, after he gave evidence to a Parliamentary Commission on Railways in London, and because of his accent, Londoners began calling the North East colliers “Geordies”.

Yet another theory is that North East miners, used “Geordie Lamps“, a form of safety lamp invented by George Stephenson himself.

A more simple theory is that George was a very common name amongst local pitmen and miners in the North East, so they became known as “Geordies”.

I think the first theory is the one most Geordies would agree with. Let us know in the comments if you know of any other theories on where the name Geordie originates from.

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