Warwick Castle (6/6)

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Warwick Castle is a vast and majestic medieval castle. Originally a small, wooden fort constructed on the orders of King William the Conqueror during his first years of kingship, it was expanded through the centuries and now offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore a thousand years of English history and architecture. It offers some truly spectacular exhibits, such as the Dragon Slayer show, which brings the local legend of Guy of Warwick alive. See him battle giants, the Dun Cow and a 50 foot tall dragon – we’re certain that the spectacle would provide enough excitement to make a trip worth it on its own! However, that is not all that the castle has to offer, of course, aside from its tours through the 13th and 14th century Medieval brickwork, intricately designed interiors and its beautiful courtyard, it also offers a hotel for overnight stays, live jousting and even the opportunity to have your own wedding at the castle!

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