Walter Tull (1888-1918) (2/8)

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Notable for being not only one of the first professional black footballers, but also for being the first known black officer of the British Army, as well as the first black dentist registered in the United Kingdom! 

Born in 1888, Walter Tull was an incredible man: in his tragically short life, he racked up a list of impressive accomplishments and left behind an inspiring legacy. Walter won several accolades over the course of his football career in the early 1900s, including winner’s medals in the FA Amateur Cup. Upon the onset of the First World War in 1914, Walter was among the first of his countrymen to enlist in the British Army. Quickly ascending through the ranks, he was promoted first to lance-sergeant in 1916, where he fought at the Battle of the Somme. Just a year later, he was commissioned as a Second-Lieutenant. Afterwards, Walter continued to serve in the army until he was killed in action in 1918. 

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