The Role of a Knight (1/5)

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The role of the knight in Britain’s society has changed throughout the centuries. Nowadays, Britain is one of the only countries to still uphold the ancient tradition of awarding knighthoods to exemplary individuals who distinguish themselves in the name of their country. However, in the early to middle Medieval period, knights were much more common! In fact, they were a crucial part of the Feudal system: England’s system of governance since the invasion of William the Conqueror unto the late Middle Ages.

The Feudal system worked thusly: the King owned the land, and he would loan it out to the Barons and the Earls, who would loan it out to the Knights, who would loan it out to the Peasants that worked the land. As you can see, Knights were landowners though they did also have martial responsibilities and were required to serve as soldiers in the country’s wars, as and when they arose. (edited)

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