The Battle of Britain (7/7)

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The year is 1940, and the dreaded Nazi war machine has spread across Europe like an unquenchable fire, with the annexation of France, Poland, Luxembourg and many other continental territories into the Third Reich. The fate of Western Europe hangs in the balance, with the tenuous neutrality pact between the German state and the Soviet Union yet unbroken, and America’s congress electing to remain firmly on the fence of neutrality. Only Britain and her empire stands between Adolf Hitler and his revenge-fuelled ambitions for territorial expansion, with a military weakened by hubris, indecisiveness and a lack of manpower owing to losses in the first World War.

The Battle of Britain was fought primarily in the skies above southern Britain as Hitler’s Operation Sealion launched into full swing. Although significantly outnumbered by the German Air Force, the RAF secured victory in spite of the odds, proving to be a far superior fighting force to the Luftwaffe in almost every regard. 

Not only did the British victory block the possibility of an invasion by German land troops, it also marked the first major defeat of Nazi Germany in the war: a major turning point in what had otherwise been a one-sided struggle for the Allied forces. This was by far the single greatest British victory of the war, with the significantly outnumbered, outgunned and outmanned British military securing victory in the face of seemingly impossible odds.

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