The Battle of Agincourt (5/7)

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Immortalised by Shakespeare’s play, ‘Henry V’, and even more recently by the popular Netflix film adaptation, ‘The King (2019)’, the Battle of Agincourt was the most important English victory of the Hundred Years War.

Ascending to the kingship of England in 1413, Henry inherited a kingdom rife with political divisions, disease and war. After a campaign of successful conquests in France, the Treaty of Troyes recognised Henry as the heir apparent to the French throne. Can you imagine Britain and France today, unified as one country? Well, if things had been only slightly different, that may very well be the reality we live with today.  If not for the untimely demise of Henry V at only 36 years old to Dysentry, the impact of this battle would have seen the unification of the English and French thrones.

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