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Released: May 1969
UK Chart Position: #8

Neil Diamond’s famous song from 1969 has recently been adopted by the England fans who started singing it during the 2020 Euro’s, with the England team even singing along with the fans after the semi-final success against Denmark at Wembley. It is not the first time the song has been used however, being first linked to football teams in England when Arsenal played it after their 2017 FA Cup semi-final win against Man City. It has also been adopted by Aston Villa, and used in other sports too, including the England cricket team and Tyson Fury. However it is believed to have first been used as a victory anthem in the USA by the Boston baseball team who played it during a match during the 1990’s for a colleague who had named her baby Caroline. The song was originally written by Diamond for his wife Marcia, but as her name didn’t fit, he changed it to Caroline after seeing a photo of Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of US President John F Kennedy in a magazine.

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