Suzy Lamplugh (5/5)

Disappeared: July 28th 1986, aged 25

Suzy Lamplugh was a British estate agent who vanished whilst out meeting someone called “Mr Kipper” who had made an appointment with Suzy to view a house in Shorrolds Road, Fulham.

Her car, containing her purse, was found outside another property for sale in Fulham, and it is believed that Suzy was abducted, possibly by the mysterious Mr Kipper who was never traced, however, it is strongly believed by many that the person involved in her disappearance was John Cannan, a convicted criminal who was responsible for the murder of Shirley Banks in 1987, and other rapes and abductions since his release from prison just three days before Suzy’s disappearance. Indeed the police themselves believe Cannan was the man responsible, though in 2002 the Crown Prosecution Service decided that there was insuficient evidence to charge him.

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