Stonehenge (1/6)

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None could mistake the strange stone monoliths of Stonehenge, shrouded in thousands of years of mystery and mysticism. While modern science has led us closer to an understanding of what the rocks are and how they came to be there, the evidence is not yet entirely conclusive. Research in the last decade seems to point to the fact that the stones were brought over from Pembrokeshire over two-thousand years ago. In popular culture, Stonehenge is both a center for the study of prehistory as well as the subject of Arthurian legend, and the history of the Kings of Britain – all in which Stonehenge plays a crucial and significant part. Nowadays, Stonehenge is owned by the English Heritage association charity, which manages over 400 historic monuments, buildings and places. Offering both a tour through the stones themselves, as well as informational exhibitions and a café with an astonishing view of the monument for relatively low prices.

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