Sir Richard Starkey MBE (11/13)

Better known as Ringo Starr, famous drummer from The Beatles.

Ringo was born in 1940 Liverpool, as Richard Starkey and after a life-threatening illness during childhood, a job at British Rail,  and a job as a machinist, he became a drummer, eventually joining the Beatles in 1962, replacing Pete Best who was fired from the band before they became famous worldwide. After a shakey start, Ringo secured his place in the band that would go on to be what many regard as the most influential band of all time. The Beatles hold the record for the most number-one albums on the UK Albums Chart, the most number-one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and the most singles sold in the UK. They have recieved 7 Grammy Awards, 4 Brit Awards, an Academy Award, and 14 Ivor Novello Awards plus a special Ivor Novello Award. They have continued to win awards long after their 1970 breakup, with over 50 awards won so far, such is their lasting influence and legacy in the world of popular music.

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