Sir Isaac Newton (6/6)

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Known to many Britons as the man who discovered gravity and liked apples, it would require many more pages than can be afforded for this list to fully cover the vast list of accomplishments, achievements and inventions that Sir Isaac Newton created. Philosopher, Theologian, Scientist, Author and Alchemist, and one of the key figures in the revolutionary period known as the Enlightenment, Newton is widely regarded for his discovery of the principle of gravity. His endless curiousity enabled him to tackle many of the greatest scientific mysteries of the 18th century, and he is rightfully remembered as one of the most influential intellectuals of all time. Calculus, the three laws of motion, the modern-day coin, the reflecting telescope and… cat doors. All of these inventions and more are attributed to Newton’s genius, and even if they aren’t strictly /inventions/, the principles he developed paved the way for the creation of a great many devices of the future which we take for granted. 

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