Richard Trevithick (3/6)

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Richard Trevithick was a British inventor and engineer born in 1771. He is credited with inventing the very first steam engine and operational locomotive in the late 1700s. Born to the son of a working-class family of miners in Cornwall, Trevithick was not raised for greatness. However, his significant contributions to the world of engineering made him a highly respected figure in the field even during his day, as his contemporaries could not help but acknowledge the greatness of what he had invented. Despite facing a great many difficulties in his life, such as financial ruin and an illness which he eventually succumbed to, he was extraordinarily committed to his work, and the prototypes that he developed are regarded as the building blocks of all mechanical vehicle transport available to us today. He died in 1833 from Pneumonia, at the age of 61.

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