Restaurant A.WONG (6/6)

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The most-visited and highly-rated Chinese restaurant in London in 2022, and perhaps the finest Chinese food establishment to be found across the country, any list of Britain’s most exquisite restaurants would be remiss without mention of the luxurious Restaurant A.WONG, named after its founder, Andrew Wong. Setting out to establish his restaurant in the way that mattered most to him, Andrew realised the important connection between food and culture, and instead of providing the same dull, anglicised Chinese cuisine that most other restaurants of the time provided, wanted to do something different. In order to accomplish this, he set off on a 6-month journey across China, a country bigger than Europe, to develop his culinary skills and learn the secrets of his home nation’s cuisine, bringing them back to his restaurant in London to resounding success! The restaurant serves food from midday to 2:30, before reopening for dinner at 5:30-10:30 PM.

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