King Arthur (3/6)

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King Arthur is a legendary British military leader and a king whose legend has been a well-known staple of British culture since Medieval times. The legend is known to many as that of a young man who came forward to pull free a mythical sword from its stone, a feat only a true king of England was said to be able to achieve, leading to him being crowned as Britain’s king. The first mention of Arthur in history is in Ninnius’ History of the Britons, which described him as a fierce general and warrior. No writing prior to this book has ever once mentioned the legend of Arthur, therefore rendering the entire legend to be just that: a legend. However, it is likely that the origin of the legend is a warped interpretation of the story of the historical Roman general, Artorius, which would give it some real historical basis. The Latin name Artorius is also considered to be the origin of the name Arthur.

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