James Michael Aloysius Bradford (7/13)

Better known as Jimmy Nail, and as “Oz” in the TV show “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet”, and as Spender in the TV show of the same name. 

James Michael Aloysius Bradford was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1954, and describes himself as an angry kid, expelled from school for setting fire to curtains. He later went to prison for fighting after a football game. It was his partner Miriam who encouraged him to audition for a television show, and although having no previous acting experience he won the role as Oz, in the ITV comedy “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet” which made him a household name during the 80’s. He is also a successful singer-songwriter having several hits in the UK including the 1992 number 1 hit single “Ain’t No Doubt” which he sang, co-wrote, and co-produced.

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