He became his father’s favourite. (3/10)

John’s father, Henry II, was a strong and powerful ruler. Under his reign, England prospered like it never had before in the Medieval period, and many, including Henry’s own sons, were jealous of him. In 1170, Henry II instated his son, Henry III the Young King, as reigning monarch. However, Henry III was not actually formally granted any formal powers by his father, and acted as nothing more than a figurehead while his father continued to rule behind the scenes. Spurred on by Henry II’s wife Eleanor, his sons Richard, Geoffrey and Henry III, who were jealous of their father’s power, incited a short-lived rebellion against the crown. Henry won against the coalition of his sons, rebuking them harshly and imprisoning Eleanor. John, as the only one who had not participated in this rebellion, was made Henry’s favourite, and given plentiful lands – often at other noble’s expense – in recognition of this.

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He was the youngest brother of five sons. (2/10)

His reign began in 1199. (4/10)