Dennis Nilsen (2/5)

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Victims: Murdered at least 12 young men and boys, and attempted to murder 7 more.

Dennis Nilsen, also known as the Muswell Hill Murderer, murdered 12 young men and boys between 1978 and 1983, the majority of which were gay or homeless. His youngest victim was aged just 14-years-old.  He would lure the victims back to his home with promises of alcohol or shelter, then he would strangle them with a ligature. Those that survived the strangulation would be finished off by drowning, either in the bath, sink, or in a bucket of water. He would then retain the bodies, sometimes bathing them and dressing them, and keeping them in his home for weeks or months. After capture, Nilsen admitted masturbating as he viewed the nude bodies, as well as engaging in sexual acts though he denies any penetration took place. He would eventually dismember the bodies, dissect them and either store them in bags in his home, or dispose of them, sometimes boiling the heads, hands and feet to make it easier to remove the flesh, some of which was flushed down the toilet along with the internal organs.

Nilsen was eventually caught when a local plumbing/drainage company were called out to look at the drains after complaints from Nilsen and other tenants at the property where he lived. The Dyno-Rod employee, after discovering flesh and bones in the drain, remarked how similiar it was to human flesh, to which Nilsen replied “It looks to me like someone has been flushing down their Kentucky Fried Chicken“.

Nilsen died in York Hospital on 12th May 2018 at the age of 72.

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