Deer (4/5)

Deer are beautiful animals and it is a real treat to see them out in the wild in so many numbers again, and with the population believed to have doubled since 1999 to over 2 million deer (the highest number in a 1000 years), we are coming into contact with these beautiful animals more and more, often catching a glimpse of them at the edge of the road as we drive by, and this is where the main danger lies. For it is believed that road traffic accidents involving deer cost the lives of between 10 and 20 people a year, with around 74,000 traffic accidents per year involving this beautiful animal.


74,000 road traffic accidents a year involving deer is not to be taken lightly, and the best way to stop yourself becoming part of that growing statistic is to SLOW RIGHT DOWN, particularly on country roads and through woodland roads where they can suddenly jump out in front of you. They can be very hard to see in the verges, so the only way to avoid an accident is to slow right down and drive more carefully.

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