Cows (5/5)

As much a part of the British countryside as anything else, Cows are hardly ever looked on as dangerous creatures, as they lumber around slowly, and lazily munch away on the grass to the beautiful backdrop of the British countryside. However, to ignore them and dismiss them as peaceful animals could be a fatal mistake as they are responsible for around 2 – 4 deaths per year, with around 80 deaths since the year 2000. They are especially dangerous when they have young calves to protect, and if you have a dog with you, and please note that some public footpaths can take you through land where cows roam freely, so always be on the look out.


When out walking in the countryside, try to avoid cows where possible, keeping out of fields where you see herds or individuals, especially when you see young calves along with the adults.

If you do find yourself in a field with wary cows, try to stay very calm, and back out or take a very wide berth. Do not make any sudden movements or noises.

Keep your dog on a lead, as dogs can cause the cows to become alarmed and to stampede. Most deaths have occurred when a person has had a dog with them. If they do charge, it may be best to release your hold of the dog lead, as it could be the dog they are targetting. The dog will outrun the cows but you won’t, and you could end up being trampled to death when you could have both got away by simply letting go of the lead.

For more information and stories about cow attacks, visit the killer cows website.

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