Colin (2008) (2/47)


A British zombie film written and directed by Marc Price, it was famously produced on a budget of £45 using an old camcorder and a home PC, with Facebook and Myspace used to gather actors to play the zombies. Shown at Cannes in 2009 and got a good reception.


Colin was filmed in London


Colin (Alastair Kirton) is getting ready for a party when he is attacked by a zombie. He manages to get out of the house, but realizes he’s been bitten. After transforming into a zombie, Colin ventures out in the undead-filled streets of London. Along the way, he meets his sister Linda (Daisy Aitkens), who has also turned into a zombie; follows a woman who reminds of his girlfriend Laura (Leanne Pammen) ; and survives a brutal attack by a group of human survivors.

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