Britain’s Tallest Ever? or just a tall story? Let us know what.. (10/10)

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There is another claim to the title of tallest British person ever, and that comes in the form of Cardiff born Captain George Auger a.k.a The Cardiff Giant, who is reputed to have been 8ft 4in (2.5m), beating Jane Bunford by a clear 5 inches as Britain’s tallest ever person, if it is to be believed.  However, there is evidence to suggest that he was more like 7ft 6in, though his story is a truly fascinating and colourful one which you can read here, then let us know in the comments if you think George really was the 8 foot plus colossus or not. Whether true or not, the story of Captain George Auger is well worth a read, and whether 7ft or 8, George Auger truly had an interesting life, taking him across the seas to America where he travelled with the famous Barnum and Bailey Circus before writing his own plays to take on tour, and then dying tragically just as he was about to make his big break into the movies with the likes of silent movie star Harold Lloyd (pictured above with George). Check out the full story of Giant George Auger, the Cardiff Giant here.

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