Aaron Kosminski (2/5)

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One of the more recently touted suspects for the murders, Aaron Kominski was a Polish-born barber who had emigrated to England in the 1880s. Making a humble living at a barber shop in Whitechapel, Kominski was known for his foul temperament and, in 1891, he was institutionalised for threatening his own sister with a knife. Policemen at the time had also labelled him as a suspect, but with little evidence to connect him to the murders they were unable to convict him or proffer a meaningful case for his guilt. Furthermore, during the entire period of Kominski’s internment through numerous asylums, he was never noted as having homicidal tendencies, nor was he considered to be dangerous to others. 

In 2014, an author named Russell Edwards published a work, declaring he’d found evidence that Kominski was responsible for the killings. Edwards had purchased a shawl in 2007 at an auction which he believed had been left at one of the murder scenes, and conducted DNA testing on it. However, the results have been largely disputed, meaning that Kominski has not been conclusively proven guilty.

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