Britain’s Tallest Ever Person (8/10)

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Jane Bunford (26 July 1895 – 1 April 1922) is believed to be Britain’s tallest ever person, and therefore Britain’s tallest ever woman, and during her lifetime she was the tallest woman in the world, standing at a height of 7ft 11in (2.41m). It is also believed that she had the longest hair, with her plaited auburn locks reaching 8ft 1inches.

Born in Bartley Green, Northfield, Birmingham, Bunford was a child of normal height until at the age of 11 she fractured her skull, which is believed to have permanently damaged her pituitary gland, releasing too much growth hormone and sending her growth out of control. She was eventually taken out of school by her parents as the school desks and chairs became too uncomfortable and she also had difficulty getting through the school doors.

At age 13 Bunford measured 6ft 6in, and by her 21st birthday she measured 7ft 10in. Her feet were a size 17 and footwear had to be specially made for her.

Hating the attention her height brought her, she rejected opportunities to cash in on her special height, becoming somewhat of a recluse in her later years. She died at the age of 26 at her home in Jiggins Lane, measuring a shorter 7ft 7in due to spinal curvature.

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