The Owlman (3/5)

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Another Cornish legend for the list, sightings of the Owlman have circulated through Cornwall for several decades. In 1976, a report of two young girls on holiday bearing witness to a large, owl-like creature in the shape of a humanoid flying around the area of St Mawnan and St Stephen’s Church. The girls and their father were so scared by the sighting, which they genuinely believed to be real, that the family holiday was cut short and they departed from Cornwall immediately. Further sightings include that of two girls camping, who then ran when they saw a large, human-size owl creature with glowing eyes. Investigators believe that the eyewitnesses mistook a Eurasian eagle-owl – a large owl with orange, glowing eyes and known to make their nests on the top of Church towers – for the creature, and the story was put to rest.

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