Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) (8/10)

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The Palace of Westminster, along with Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) is the ultimate London landmark and is an incredible sight in its position along the thames where a palace has stood since the 11th century. It is also the home to the Houses of the Parliament, where politicians meet to discuss and debate issues and decide new laws.
The first palace was the primary residence of the Kings of England until fire destroyed the royal apartments in 1512, followed by an even greater fire in 1834. Consequently, most of the palace was rebuilt by architects Sir Charles Barry and Augustus Pugin, who both would not live to see its completion. Pugin died in 1852 after a breakdown saw him committed to the famous Royal Bethlam Hospital, also known as ‘Bedlam’, and Barry died of a heart attack on 12th May 1860.
The oldest remaining part of Westminster is called Westminster Hall and dates from around 1097. It was the largest hall in Europe when it was erected by King William II. The roof of the hall is the largest clearspan medieval roof in England, measuring 68 by 240 ft.

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