The Tower of London (6/10)

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This mighty fortress standing on the north bank of the river Thames attracts over 3 million visitors a year, who come to experience the history, the mystery and intrigue of this 900 year old castle. First built for William the Conqueror 1078, the Tower of London has gone on to play a prominent role throughout history, being used as a prison, a royal residence, a place of executions and murder, a place to house the Crown Jewels, and home to the most pampered ravens in the whole of Britain! A few of the famous prisoners at the tower have been William Wallace,  Edward V of England and his brother Richard of Shrewsbury (together known as The Princes in the Tower), Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard (Wives of King Henry VIII), Sir Walter Raleigh, Guy Fawkes, Rudolph Hess (deputy leader of the Nazi party), and even the Kray Twins in 1952! and some of these were never to be seen again.

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