Fish and Chips (especially by the sea!) (2/1)

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Fish and Chips is also one of Britain’s favourite ‘take away’ dishes, and you’ll find a Fish and Chip shop (often called a ‘chippy’) in every town, with some places having multiple ‘chip shops’ to choose from, but it is by the sea where you’ll find the most, especially in the form of ‘stalls’ which are usually located along the seafront tempting tourists with the delicious smell of hot salt and vinegar soaked fish and chips, where people buy them to eat on a bench or wall overlooking the sea.

Traditionally they are served simply wrapped in paper, and eaten with your fingers, though some places do provide small wooden forks.

Some people like to eat their fish and chips with a side serving of mushy peas, or a pickled egg, and most people enjoy a big dollop of tomato ketchup or curry source to dip their chips in. 

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