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Mind Yer Head! – Britain's Tallest Ever People

I hope you enjoy the list of Britain’s tallest ever. Don’t forget to share it with all your friends, especially the lofty ones! Enjoy.

#1 Britain’s Tallest Ever Monarch

Edward IV is Britain's tallest ever monarch standing at 6ft 4.5in (193cm) reaching 6ft 7in when wearing his armour.  He is most famously known for defeating the Lancastrians in the War of the Roses to establish the House of York. 

Edward was twice king of England - from 1461 until October 1470, and then from April 1471 until his death in 1483 at the Palace of Westminster.

His two sons were the famous Princes in the Tower, both of which were assumed to have been murdered by Edward's brother Richard (Richard III) after Edward's death in 1483.

#2 Britain’s Tallest Ever Prime Minister

Britain's tallest ever prime minister is thought to be Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, who stood at 6ft 4in (163cm). He was prime minister three times:
1885 to 1886, 1886 to 1892, and 1895 to 1902, serving as prime minister for a total of thirteen years. He was the last prime minister to serve from the House of Lords.

#3 Britain’s Tallest Ever Politician

Sir Louis Gluckstein (1897 - 1979) was the tallest politician in the world at 6ft 7in until the record was taken in 2019 by American politician Robert Cornegy Jr, who is 6ft 10in.

#4 Britain’s Tallest Ever British Premier League Player

Peter Crouch (born Jan 30, 1981) is Britain's tallest ever British outfield Premier league player at 6ft 7in (201.9 cm) which no doubt helped him to become the player who has scored the most headed goals in the history of the Premier league. Crouchy was also the first player to score 10 goals for England in a single year (2006).
The ex-professional footballer turned TV presenter has a specially made bed measuring 12ft by 12ft so that he can fit in it along with his wife Abbey Clancy, their 4 children, and their black labrador Elvis.
The tallest non-Brit to play in the Premier League was Ivorian national Lacina Emeghara Traore (born 20 May 1990) who played for Everton during a loan spell at the club in 2014. Traore measured a staggering 6ft 8in (2.03m) and is nicknamed "The Big Tree".

#5 Britain’s Tallest Ever International Rugby Player

Richard Metcalfe is not just the tallest ever British international rugby player at 7ft tall, but he is the tallest international rugby player in the history of the sport. He won 13 Scotland caps between 2000 and 2001 and played for the Newcastle Falcons and Northampton Saints. He retired in 2013 after a long-term knee injury.

#6 Britain’s Tallest Ever Policeman

PC Anthony Wallyn is in the Guinness World Records as Britain's Tallest Policeman at 7ft 2in.

The giant London bobby has to have a uniform specially made for him and he wears size 17 boots. His inside leg measures 37 inches and he has a 56 inch chest. 

He is known as Big Tower by his colleagues and is popular with tourists as he receives 100 - 500 photo requests a day whilst out and about on his beat.

#7 Britain’s Tallest Ever Man

William Bradley (10 Feb 1787 - 30 May 1820) was known as Giant Bradley or the Yorkshire Giant and he is the tallest recorded British man that ever lived, at 7 feet 9 inches tall (2.36 m).

Giant Bradley was born in Market Weighton in East Yorkshire, and spent much of his life travelling around to fairs and freak shows up and down the country, where large crowds would gather to see him. He eventually went his own way, hiring a room in various towns, and charging a shilling for each person to visit him. When he was presented before King George III at Windsor, the king gave him a large gold chain, which he wore for the rest of his life. Giant Bradley died at the age of 33 in his home town, and was buried inside the church for fear of graverobbers. Since 1996 his home town of Market Weighton has held an annual festival called Giant Bradley Day in memory of him. There is also a life-sized wooden statue of him in the town.

Giant Bradley weighed 14lb at birth, later weighing in at 26 stone. Teased at school by those brave enough to do so, Giant Bradley would sometimes be asked by his teacher to lift misbehaving children up to the classrooms high cross beams, where they would be left until the teacher had them taken back down again. Giant Bradley's father, luckily for him, was a master tailor.

#8 Britain’s Tallest Ever Person

Jane Bunford (26 July 1895 - 1 April 1922) is believed to be Britain's tallest ever person, and therefore Britain's tallest ever woman, and during her lifetime she was the tallest woman in the world, standing at a height of 7ft 11in (2.41m). It is also believed that she had the longest hair, with her plaited auburn locks reaching 8ft 1inches.

Born in Bartley Green, Northfield, Birmingham, Bunford was a child of normal height until at the age of 11 she fractured her skull, which is believed to have permanently damaged her pituitary gland, releasing too much growth hormone and sending her growth out of control. She was eventually taken out of school by her parents as the school desks and chairs became too uncomfortable and she also had difficulty getting through the school doors.

At age 13 Bunford measured 6ft 6in, and by her 21st birthday she measured 7ft 10in. Her feet were a size 17 and footwear had to be specially made for her.

Hating the attention her height brought her, she rejected opportunities to cash in on her special height, becoming somewhat of a recluse in her later years. She died at the age of 26 at her home in Jiggins Lane, measuring a shorter 7ft 7in due to spinal curvature.

#9 Britain’s Tallest Ever Actor

Neil Fingleton (18 Dec 1980 - 25 Feb 2017) was a British actor and basketball player. He measured 7ft 7in and had roles in Game of Thrones as Mag the Mighty (2014 - 2017), 47 Ronin (2013) as Lovecraftian Samurai, Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) providing motion capture for the Ultron CGI, and also had roles in X-men: First Class (2011) as a Russian General's Bodyguard 1, and Jupiter Ascending (2015) in Sargorn Fight Sequence. He also played "The Fisher King", an alien warlord in a two-part Doctor Who serial in 2015.

Fingleton died from heart failure in 2017, seven days after his 37th birthday. His funeral was held at Durham Cathedral.

#10 Britain’s Tallest Ever? or just a tall story? Let us know what..

There is another claim to the title of tallest British person ever, and that comes in the form of Cardiff born Captain George Auger a.k.a The Cardiff Giant, who is reputed to have been 8ft 4in (2.5m), beating Jane Bunford by a clear 5 inches as Britain's tallest ever person, if it is to be believed.  However, there is evidence to suggest that he was more like 7ft 6in, though his story is a truly fascinating and colourful one which you can read here, then let us know in the comments if you think George really was the 8 foot plus colossus or not. Whether true or not, the story of Captain George Auger is well worth a read, and whether 7ft or 8, George Auger truly had an interesting life, taking him across the seas to America where he travelled with the famous Barnum and Bailey Circus before writing his own plays to take on tour, and then dying tragically just as he was about to make his big break into the movies with the likes of silent movie star Harold Lloyd (pictured above with George). Check out the full story of Giant George Auger, the Cardiff Giant here.

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