25 Interesting & Fun Facts About British Singer/Songwriter Ed Sheeran

We all know about the music of Ed Sheeran, with songs like “Thinking Out Loud”, “Shape of You”, and “Perfect”, as he is one of Britain’s biggest ever music stars, but what about the man himself? Here we take a look at 25 interesting and fun facts about Ed Sheeran, including some of the things he likes, things he dislikes, and things he loves!

#1 His Birthday is 17th February

Born in 1991, Ed Sheeran celebrates his birthday every year on 17th February, the same day that Paris Hilton and Michael Jordan the basketball player celebrate theirs!

#2 His Star Sign is Aquarius

As an Aquarius, Ed is progressive, intelligent, and highly creative!

#3 Born in Halifax, raised in Suffolk

Although born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Ed's family moved him to Framlington, Suffolk, when he was just 3 years old, which is where Ed grew up, and the place he considers home.

#4 His first guitar..

According to many sources, Ed's first guitar was given to him as a gift from his uncle, when he was about 10 years old, and this is when he started to play. He became self-taught, before taking proper lessons in secondary school. 

#5 He was writing songs at 11..

After receiving his first guitar and learning to play, it wasn't long before Ed started writing his own songs, which was at the age of 11.

#6 His classmates saw it coming…

His classmates at Thomas Mills High School in Framlington voted Ed as the "most likely to be famous"

#7 He’s half Irish…

Ed's paternal grandparents are Irish, with his father coming from a very large Catholic family. The song "Nancy Mulligan" tells the colourful story of Ed's Irish grandparents, William Sheeran, A Protestant from Northern Ireland, and Anne "Nancy" Mulligan, A Catholic from the Republic of Ireland. The song tells the story of how they met and fell in love during the Second World War. Apparently no one turned up to their wedding, and the ring was made from melted-down gold teeth which William stole from his dentist!

#8 He names his guitars…

Cyril, Felix, Keith, Lloyd, Nigel, and Trevor are all some of Ed's guitars.

#9 He loves playing with LEGO

In fact, Ed loves LEGO so much that he decided to write a song called Lego House. The video features Rupert Grint as an obsessed fan. The song made it into the top 5 of the UK singles chart.

#10 He loves dressing up..

However, that didn't stop GQ from calling him the world's worst-dressed man back in 2013.

#11 He loves cats..

In fact Ed is a big animal lover but cats seem to be his favourite. He has 2 cats, Calippo and Dorito, who both have their own Instagram account.

#12 His nickname is Teddy…

We are not sure how he got the nickname, or when, though there is a certain cute 'teddy-ness' to his face, and looking down his Filmography it seems that Ed in fact played a character called Teddy in the Australian TV soap Home and Away back in 2015. Coincidence? We don't think so.

#13 He’s multi-talented…

As well as the acoustic guitar, we know that Ed can also play bass, piano, drums, and cello. 

#14 He has over 60 tattoos

Including a matching "Pingu" tattoo with Harry Styles. He's been getting tattoos since he was 18.

#15 He married his childhood friend

In 2019, Ed married his childhood friend Cherry Seaborn, who was in the same class as Ed during secondary school. The couple have two children together. Their first child, a girl, was born in 2020, with the second, another girl,  coming along in 2022.

#16 His favourite board game is Monopoly..

And judging by the number of properties he now owns in real life, it seems he may have transferred his Monopoly skills to start his real life property empire, as he now owns 22 properties in London, most of which he rents out. He also owns a £19 million property in Notting Hill, London. In Suffolk, where Ed grew up and spends most of his time, he owns a cluster of properties forming his own estate. This has been dubbed Sheeranville, and it includes several 4-bed properties, a large 6-bed property, a bungalow, a pub, a treehouse, a wildlife pond, and of course..a football pitch!

#17 Worst Birthday present

Ed's worst birthday present was a Barbie doll that his brother bought him!

#18 His favourite film is Goodfellas

And his worst type of films are horror movies

#19 He speaks a bit of German and Greek

#20 His favourite country to visit is Australia

#21 He likes a cup of Tea

#22 He really dislikes Kale

#23 He cooks a mean Mexican

#24 The one thing he couldn’t live without?


#25 And finally, Ed Sheeran’s life motto is…

Smile more, and eat some chocolate!

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