Sir Keir Starmer: 7 Quick Facts You Need To Know About The Leader of the Opposition

#1 Humble beginnings

In several interviews, Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party replacing Jeremy Corbyn after Brexit, has remarked that he is frustrated by the public's tendency to consider him one of the north London elite. For the party, shaking off the image of that metropolitan elite class is important for winning back their working class voterbase, so it is natural that Starmer would have issues with this. According to him, he grew up on the Surrey Kent border, with a father who was a toolmaker and a mother who was a nurse. He made his fortune in a successful lawyering career for which he was required to study and work hard most of his life.

#2 Political views as a youth

Starmer's political views have been consistent throughout most of his life. Hailing from a working class background, he has always held socialist views. In interviews, he revealed that, as a teenager, he joined the East Surrey Young Socialists. During college, he was a member of a socialist society that organised a monthly pamphlet known as the Socialist Alternatives. 

#3 His career

It is fairly known that for the vast majority of Starmer's career, he was a lawyer. More specifically, a barrister specialising in the field of human rights, where he advocated and fought for the right to live for criminals sentenced to the death penalty in the Caribbean. He also supported two environmental activists in a landmark case which saw them go up against the massive fast food chain McDonalds, the 'McLibel' case.

#4 Football fan

As with many young Brits, growing up Starmer was a huge fan of the sport. Indeed, he was "obsessed" with it by his own words. Starmer has been a life-long Arsenal fan. In fact, he actually plays the sport every Sunday with his colleagues and friends, describing himself as a "box-to-box midfield general".

#5 Marriage and family

Sir Keir Starmer was married in 2007 to Victoria Starmer, now Lady Starmer, and since they have had two children. Their marriage has been fairly ordinary, with no scandals to be reported by any newspapers as can be the case with higher-ranking politicians. They have a son named Toby, and a daughter whose name is not known by the public. Both parents have stated that they are keen to shield their children from media attention. Currently, he lives in Camden with his family.

#6 Director of Public Prosecution

In 2008, Starmer was elected to take up the prestigious role of Director of Public Prosecution. A public service role, Starmer was placed at the head of the government-owned Crown Prosecution Service. During his career as director, a few of his landmark achievements included prosecuting MPs for misused funds, bringing the murderers of Stephen Lawrence to face proper justice, and raising support for victims of sexual and domestic abuse. For his services to the public, he received a knighthood in 2014.

#7 He was anti-Brexit

Sir Keir Starmer was famously a leading figure in the party's campaign for a second referendum when the future of the country and whether it would actually be leaving the EU was still in doubt. He has deeply internationalist instincts, believing that the best way to avoid conflict in Europe is for Britain to have remained in the union. However, he does not advocate for rejoining, believing that it should be decided by future generations as the current one has already made their voice on the matter clear.

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