Who is Rishi Sunak? 9 Facts About The UK's Next Prime Minister

#1 Youngest PM in 200 years

Rishi Sunak is the youngest Prime Minister to lead the United Kingdom in over two hundred years. Previously, the youngest person to hold the post was William Pitt, aptly named ‘the Younger’ because of his age - though also because he was not the first William Pitt to be PM - who was only 24. Rishi Sunak was born on the 12th of May, 1980, making him 42 years old.

#2 He is extremely rich

Sunak has a net worth of over 700 million pounds, making him one of the UK’s most well-off politicians. He is a multi-millionaire, having formerly been a hedge fund boss. His election as Prime Minister comes at a time of great economic crisis, in the hopes that he will be able to restore Britain’s broken finances after a string of unfortunate events.

#3 First Hindi Prime Minister

Sunak is the UK’s first-ever Hindi Prime Minister. Previously, the UK has had Christian, atheist and Jewish Prime Ministers, but never a Hindi PM. In recent interviews, he has reaffirmed his faith, stating that he is a devout Hindu, however also reaffirming that he is first and foremost a British citizen.

#4 His wealth exceeds that of the king’s

While we have already gone over Sunak’s personal finances and net worth, the total of his and his wife’s fortune is estimated at £730, exceeding that of the currently reigning King Charles and his wife Camilla.

#5 First Asian Prime Minister

In what is being celebrated as a progressive victory for minorities in the United Kingdom and across the world, Rishi Sunak is the first brown Asian man to take up the office. Though he was born in the UK, he is a direct descendant of immigrants from India during the time of the British Empire, when India was a colony of this country.

#6 Who are his wife and children?

Sunak’s wife is also fairly wealthy, being the daughter of a billionaire who owns a venture capital firm. Currently, she works as a director in the firm of her father, and also has her own fashion label, Akshata Designs. They have two children, both daughters, named Anoushka and Krishna.

#7 Firm brexiteer

What may come as a surprise to many is that Rishi was in fact a stern supporter for Brexit. He advocates in favour of stricter immigration laws and of the return of a limited amount of migrants to their home countries. In exchange, these countries would be rewarded with commerce for their collaboration.

#8 His education

Rishi Sunak graduated from the University of Oxford, one of many Prime Ministers and British intellectuals to do so. He studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Winchester College. He also earned a MBA (Master of Business Administration) at Stanford while studying there as part of the Fulbright program.

#9 A New Hope?

In a headline by the Sun, it is written that Tory MPs have turned to Star Wars fan Rishi Sunak as a 'new hope' for the Conservative Party. Indeed, while this is a reference to Sunak's financial expertise and the hopes that he might deliver Britain from the current economic crisis that it has been embroiled in, it is also a reference to one of Sunak's lifelong passions: Star Wars. That's right, the current Prime Minister of the UK is a self-confessed, huge Star Wars nerd. Growing up as a young boy and born to a modest family, Sunak had a relatively normal childhood - in which his love of Star Wars first took root. Now, as an adult, that passion for the franchise has seemingly not wavered as he reaffirms his love for the series on radio shows and news interviews.

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