9 Facts You Need To Know About Prince William

#1 He is the current heir

After the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, her eldest son Charles immediately ascended to the throne. In keeping with British royal succession laws, Charles' eldest son, William, became the heir to the throne of England. This ancient law of succession whereby the eldest child of the ruler inherits the throne is known as primogeniture.

#2 He’s a huge fan of the movies

Prince William is known to be quite the enjoyer of all things film, cinema and movie-related. Indeed, for over ten years now he has held the presidency of the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts). According to an interview with BBC Radio 1, his favourite TV shows to watch are Game of Thrones and Homeland.

#3 His military career

A tradition that has long-existed in the royal family for generations is that young males born to the family should pursue a military career during their young adult years. Prince William was no exception to this rule, having actively served in the British Army from 2006-2013. During his time in the army he commanded men and became very skilled at piloting helicopters, among many impressive feats and accomplishments.

#4 Sporty Prince

A more surprising fact among the ones listed here for sure. Prince William is quite the accomplished surfer, having been photographed numerous times at leisure events, on one occasion with his brother Prince Harry, taking to the waves. He is also known to enjoy soccer, golf, and polo among many others.

#5 His marriage was almost void

In a highly publicised incident, Prince William and his now-wife Kate actually temporarily separated during their relationship, described by William as "having a break." Though both say the period was harsh for them, they also both claim that, ultimately, it served to benefit them, and that it allowed them to grow more as people and return to eachother when they were ready.

#6 Charities and fund-raising

Like other royals before him, the Prince regularly participates in charity events and funds several important causes. In fact, Prince William is the patron of over 30 charitable and military organizations.

#7 His children

Prince William has enjoyed a successful and fruitful marriage to his wife Katherine Middleton. Their union has produced three children as of the writing of this list, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Princess Louis. Once Prince William ascends to the throne as king, his eldest son Prince George will become heir to the throne.

#8 His build

Prince William strikes a tall, broad and imposing figure. While also boasting a considerable level of physical fitness and strength due to his sporting and military exercises, he is also rather tall, standing at approximately 190cm.

#9 Harry Potter scar

William possesses a scar on the top of his forehead that he is known to have called the "Harry Potter scar", because of its similar placement and appearance to the scar visible on the head of the young wizard in J.K. Rowling's book world. The scar was formed as a result of emergency surgery that had to be conducted on his head when a friend accidentally wacked him over the head with a golf club, causing a minor skull fracture!

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