Astonishing Facts About King Charles III

#1 Young Outlaw?

When he was just ten and four summers of age, the young prince Charles was famously documented ordering a cherry brandy at a small pub on the Isle of Lewis, having been visiting with his friends from boarding school. Of course, even the prince of England is not exempt from the laws of the country, and for him to have been served alcohol under the age of 18 was highly illegal. A reporter sitting at the bar caught the scene in action and submitted it to his newspaper, causing a huge scandal to break out.

#2 Prince Charles tree frog

For his environmental and conservational achievements, Prince Charles has received numerous accolades and rewards. One such is the naming of an Ecuadorean stream frog named after him, the “Hyloscirtus princecharlesi”, or the Prince Charles stream tree frog.

#3 His campaigning efforts

As a Prince, he campaigned for numerous great causes. First and foremost, he considered himself a defender of faith - note that there is no “the” included, as Charles did not just consider this title to refer to Christianity, his own faith, but all the faiths of the United Kingdom. He is also an environmentalist, and vigorously campaigned for action on the ongoing climate change crisis.

#4 Twice-survivor of Covid-19

Despite being fully vaccinated, Prince Charles caught Covid-19 - not once, but twice during the pandemic. Thankfully, he recovered just fine on both occasions, with no lasting health issues since.

#5 His education

He was educated at Cambridge University, studying archaeology and anthropology for the first year. However, he changed to history for his second year and graduated in 1970 with a 2nd class honours, 2:2. During his stay at university, he spent a semester at the coastal Aberystwyth University, partaking in Welsh lessons with his teacher Tedi Millward in preparation for his accession as the Prince of Wales, the title carried by heirs to the England’s throne for generations.

#6 Longest-serving heir

He is the longest-serving heir to the English throne in the history of the monarchy, having been in line to the throne for over seven decades - quite a wait!

#7 His childhood

As a child, he was quiet and thoughtful. He notoriously struggled to fit in at boarding school, having even been bullied by his peers, called “fatty” and often mocked for his large ears. The great-uncle of the young prince even suggested to the prince’s parents that he receive surgery to have them pinned back, to no avail.

#8 Home-schooling?

He was the first heir to the throne in the history of his family to have not been home-schooled, instead receiving a public education at the University of Cambridge in 1967.

#9 Extramarital Affairs

During his mostly unhappy marriage to Princess Diana, Charles famously cheated on his wife numerous times in a highly publicised affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles, who he would later marry after divorcing Diana. In 1994, he admitted to his adultery for the first time during an interview with a newspaper.

#10 Relative of Dracula

A little-known fact about the King is that he is in fact a distant relative of Dracula. Or rather, a distant relative of the Romanian nobility, Vlad the Impaler, who was the foremost inspiration for the famous Dracula.

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