7 of Britain’s Best Seaside Resorts & Towns

#1 Portmeirion, Gwynedd

One of the most beautiful villages in the United Kingdom and located right on the seafront of North Wales. Portmeirion is extremely unique, as it was constructed in 1925 in the style of an Italian village. It features mediterranean architecture, terracotta-roofed houses and bright pastel buildings, ideal for a day out or weekend break for families, couples and others.

#2 Hastings, Sussex

A historically significant seaside resort with a sprawling market town, a Keep & Bailey castle steeped in over a thousand years of intricate history. The site of Hastings was where William the Conqueror famously won the final battle for the English throne in 1066, namely the Battle of Hastings. After claiming victory, he erected a castle on the cliff overlooking the coast in order to act as a fortified defence against invaders. Now, it stands as a monument to this tumultuous period of history that is completely open to the public.

#3 Aberystwyth, Ceredigion

Aberystwyth is a beautiful seaside university town located in Ceredigion, Wales. With its nineteenth century Royal Pier and its classical architecture, it makes for an extremely picturesque holiday destination. Furthermore, the town’s distance from the typical tourist favourites make it sparsely populated relative to other seaside towns across the country, which may be ideal for families, couples and individuals looking to enjoy a quieter holiday.

#4 Gardenstown, Aberdeenshire

Located in the pleasantly charming Scottish country of Aberdeenshire, renowned across the United Kingdom for its natural beauty and its lucrative fishing spots. Beautiful stone cottages sparsely laid out with beautiful green hills overlooking the coast, Gardenstown is the perfect place for a quiet seaside vacation.

#5 St Ives, Cornwall

St Ives is a seaside town located in the southwestern English country of Cornwall. It is a fairly large, expansive town with plenty to do on the coast and in the town itself. Its attractions number a Museum gallery on the seafront, a Sculpture garden and boat trips to local Seal Island.

#6 Lochinver, Sutherland

A bustling, busy seaside harbour town located on the north coast of Scotland. A sorely underrated spot for a seaside vacation - primarily due to its distance from the usual tourist hotspots of Britain. Nonetheless, we can absolutely recommend it. From its cozy Suil na Mara Pod to its Inver Lodge which offers a delicious array of seafood. Furthermore, the mountainous region of Northern Scotland sits right behind the town, offering visitors a trip to and from the coast.

#7 Margate, Kent

Margate is a massive seaside town, virtually a city, located on the north coast of Kent in Southeast England. On the coast sits a beautiful sandy beach, which the town is known for. In the town itself, there are plenty of attractions to be found: various restaurants and luxurious seaside hotels, the Harbour Arm stone pier, and even a Tudor house maintained for over five centuries!

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