6 of Britain's Most Exquisite Restaurants

#1 The Dining Room at The Goring

Described on their website as an Elegant, Edwardian-era restaurant, the Goring Dining Room is a truly exquisite, refined establishment. It was designed and funded by David Linley, a nephew of our very own Queen Elizabeth! As a known restaurant of choice for royalty and famous politicians through the years, the Dining Room is sure to enchant guests with its luxurious interior and its even more luxurious menu! With a focus on serving traditional British food, the Dining Room serves breakfast 7-10am, lunch 12-3pm, and finally dinner at 6-9:45 PM. Reservations for the restaurant begin at £65~ and increase depending on number of guests, time and day.

#2 Core, by Clare Smyth

Core is a new, upcoming and extremely promising restaurant which, since its foundation in 2017, has already been the recipient of numerous awards. With its natural, well-seasoned food sourced from the UK’s best farms, with no artificial flavouring, beautifully-made dishes delivered to you by a former Gordon Ramsay chef, it is easy to see why Core has already made such a name for itself in the world of dining establishments. The restaurant serves dinner at 12:00-14:15 PM, and dinner at 06:30-9:45 PM.

#3 The Ivy Collection

The Ivy Collection is a chain of stunningly fabulous restaurants dotted around several cities in the UK, with multiple establishments located in London and others in cities like Manchester and Oxford. Originally founded as a small-time café in 1917, The Ivy became renowned for its high-quality food, service and venue, quickly becoming one of London’s most well-known, regularly visited landmarks for both residents and tourists. Offering both dine-in and takeaway, The Ivy provides delicious food to customers both at home and in-house. The restaurants remain open from the late morning hours until 11pm, serving food and drink throughout the entire day.

#4 L’Enclume

Cozily situated within the small, beautiful village of Cartmel, L’Enclume draws in visitors all across the country dying for a chance to taste of its exquisite, traditional British cuisine, while also offering guests rooms to stay the night at the establishment if they so choose! While prices may seem rather expensive, having recently been hiked to £250 for the taster’s menu as a result of soaring living costs, we can assure you from personal experience that a visit to L’Enclume is more than worth your while and your wallet! Service hours are from midday to 1:30 PM, before the restaurant reopens for dinner at 6:30 until 8pm.

#5 Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Named after Britain’s undoubtedly most famous chef, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is the Scottish chef’s flagship restaurant. After being opened in 1998, it met with near immediate success, with Ramsay going on to earn three Michellin stars for his establishment, making him the first Scottish chef to be the recipient of such an honour! Lunch is serviced from 12-2:15 PM, with dinner being serviced a few hours later at 6-11 PM.

#6 Restaurant A.WONG

The most-visited and highly-rated Chinese restaurant in London in 2022, and perhaps the finest Chinese food establishment to be found across the country, any list of Britain’s most exquisite restaurants would be remiss without mention of the luxurious Restaurant A.WONG, named after its founder, Andrew Wong. Setting out to establish his restaurant in the way that mattered most to him, Andrew realised the important connection between food and culture, and instead of providing the same dull, anglicised Chinese cuisine that most other restaurants of the time provided, wanted to do something different. In order to accomplish this, he set off on a 6-month journey across China, a country bigger than Europe, to develop his culinary skills and learn the secrets of his home nation’s cuisine, bringing them back to his restaurant in London to resounding success! The restaurant serves food from midday to 2:30, before reopening for dinner at 5:30-10:30 PM.

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