7 Deadliest Animals in the UK

#1 Deer

This might come as a shock to anyone who is even vaguely familiar with the hoofed mammal. One of the most timid and easily frightened creatures to be found in the British countryside, the deer is certainly not the first animal to come to mind. However, these elegant forest dwellers are in actuality responsible for 50,000 road accidents per year in the UK - causing around twenty deaths per year!

#2 Cows

Causing usually no less than 10 deaths per year, cow-related fatalities are exceedingly rare and very often accidental. However, horned varieties such as the the Highland cow can be dangerous when alarmed or frightened. Couple this with a mother cow feeling a maternal instinct to protect her newborn calf in the presence of an encroaching human, and things can certainly get dangerous. Thankfully, the vast majority of tenders who deal with cows receive sufficient training and guidance in order to ensure these incidents remain few and far between.

#3 Ticks

Silent but deadly, ticks are the often underestimated, often undetected killer of the UK - particularly the deer, fox and hedgehog varieties. While usually not threatening on their own, the tiny insects often carry Lyme. Lyme disease is infectious and begins with a flat, circular rash around the area of the bite, followed by possible fatigue, swelling, headache, fever and - if left untreated - can cause potential heart issues, especially among the elderly. Furthermore, most people who are bitten by ticks and end up contracting Lyme disease often have no memory of the bite itself, making the tick a particularly insidious creature.

#4 Adder

The adder is a small, highly distinctive snake. It is known also as the European viper, and is the only venomous snake living in the UK. Likely the most feared predator in the country, the adder delivers a painful bite that, if untreated, can be lethal. Furthermore, they are aggressive to humans who venture too close to their personal space, and often submerge themselves in environments which can disguise them. They can be identified via a black zigzag pattern across their backs.

#5 Hornets

While not usually dangerous on their own, hornets are notorious for their ability to mobilise their entire nests which can create a serious danger for humans. Furthermore, they are known for their extremely painful stings and their hyper aggressive nature, which makes them a particularly scary wasp. Allergic reactions are uncommon, but may be serious and complications borne of allergies can lead to fatalities.

#6 Horses

Taking roughly ten lives per year in the UK, horses can be a very dangerous animal to those not fully prepared to handle them. While the number of fatalities is lower than other competitors on the list, this does not account for the much higher number of people who are paralysed or otherwise seriously injured by horses.

#7 Bees

Honey bees are important creatures that contribute directly to local food production, making them one of the most valuable animals in the UK ecosystem. Numerous initiatives have been launched across the country in order to ensure the conservation and protection of these yellow-and-black insects. Furthermore, the risk of being stung by one if unprovoked is exceedingly low, and incidents are virtually unheard of. However, if threatened, they can sting humans to defend themselves, and those who suffer with allergies can suffer an anaphylactic shock from this, similarly to wasp stings, which can lead to fatalities.

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