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The Ultimate list of England football songs and anthems for you to enjoy. If we have missed any out, let us know in the comments and we’ll get them added as we build the ultimate list.
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#1 Three Lions – Football’s Coming Home

Released: 20th May 1996 (Euro 96)
UK Singles Chart Position: 1

The "Three Lions" song, also known as "It's Coming Home" or "Football's Coming Home" has become the de facto England anthem since it was first produced for Euro 96, which England hosted. Composed by the Lightning Seeds Ian Broudie with words written by comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, with all three of them providing the vocals. It reached number one in the UK singles chart and also became popular in other countries too, including Germany where it reached number 49. Apparently the German national team even sang the song on the way to Wembley in 1996 for the semi-final against England, and also as they paraded the trophy in Germany after winning the competition.  

#2 World in Motion – by New Order

Released: 21 May 1990 (World Cup)
UK Singles Chart Position: #1

The song was written by British band New Order with Lyrics by Keith Allen (who also later would write lyrics for Vindaloo). It features a rap by England footballer John Barnes. It is also New Order’s only number one song in the UK singles Chart.

#3 Vindaloo – By Fat Les

Released: 8 June 1998 (World Cup)
UK Singles Chart position - #2 (beaten to #1 by “3 Lions 98”)

Song by British band Fat Les, with music by Blur bassist Alex James and bassist Guy Pratt. Lyrics written by comedian Keith Allen who also features in World in Motion.

#4 Three Lions ’98 – By The Lightning Seeds

Released: 8 June 1998 (World Cup)
UK Chart Position: #1

This was a re-recording of the original “3 Lions” song, but with different lyrics accompanying the original chorus of “it’s coming home”.


Released: May 1969
UK Chart Position: #8

Neil Diamond's famous song from 1969 has recently been adopted by the England fans who started singing it during the 2020 Euro's, with the England team even singing along with the fans after the semi-final success against Denmark at Wembley. It is not the first time the song has been used however, being first linked to football teams in England when Arsenal played it after their 2017 FA Cup semi-final win against Man City. It has also been adopted by Aston Villa, and used in other sports too, including the England cricket team and Tyson Fury. However it is believed to have first been used as a victory anthem in the USA by the Boston baseball team who played it during a match during the 1990's for a colleague who had named her baby Caroline. The song was originally written by Diamond for his wife Marcia, but as her name didn't fit, he changed it to Caroline after seeing a photo of Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of US President John F Kennedy in a magazine.

#6 (How Does It Feel to Be) On Top of the World – By England United

Released: 1 June 1998 (World Cup)
UK Chart Position: #9

England United was a British Supergroup formed by Echo and the Bunnymen, Ocean Colour Scene, The Spice Girls, and Space. It was written and produced by Echo and the Bunnymen frontman IanMcCulloch, and released as the official theme of the England national football team for the 1998 world cup.

#7 We’re On The Ball – by Ant and Dec

Released: 27 May 2002 (World Cup)
UK Chart Position: #3

The official song for the 2002 World Cup, the song was written by Harold Spiro, and TV presenters Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly.

#8 World At Your Feet – by Embrace

Released: 5th June 2006 (World Cup)
UK Chart Position: #3 (reaching #1 in the UK Indie charts)

World at your Feet by English rock band Embrace was the official song for the England World Cup squad in the 2006 World Cup.

#9 Shout for England Feat. Dizzee Rascal & James Corden

Released: 9th June 2010 (World Cup)
UK Chart Position: #1

An unofficial anthem for England’s 2010 World Cup journey, and an updated version was released for the 2012 EURO’s which included references to Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole.

#10 The Farm – All Together Now 2004

Released: 26 November 1990 (re-released 31 May 2004 for EURO 2004)
UK Chart Position: #4 (#5 in 2004)

Produced by Suggs (Madness) “All Together Now” is a popular anthem and has been used in tv advertisements, movies, and as a football anthem in the 2004 Euro’s.

#11 World Cup Willie – by Lonnie Donegan (England 1966 Song)

Released: 1966 (World Cup)
UK Chart Position: DNC


Released: April 1970 (World Cup)
UK Chart Position: #1

Written by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter, “Back Home” was the song that began the tradition of England recording songs for major tournaments, reaching number one in the UK singles chart where it remained for three weeks. England were World Champions at the time but were knocked out in the quarter finals 3 – 2 by West Germany.

#13 This Time We’ll Get It Right – By England World Cup Squad 82

Released: 1982 (World Cup)
UK Chart Position: #2

Written by Chris Norman and Pete Spencer of the English rock band Smokie.

#14 We’ve Got The Whole World At Our Feet – England squad of 86

Released: 1986 (World Cup)
UK Chart Position: #66

Written by Tony Hiller, Stan James, and Bobby James to the tune of “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”, and modified from Nottingham Forest’s anthem for the 1980 European Cup Final.

#15 All the way – By the England football team

Released: 1988 (Euro 88)
UK Chart Position: #64

Written and produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman

#16 Jerusalem – By Fat Les

Released: 2000 (Euro 2000)
UK Chart Position: #10

A rendition of the famous hymn “Jerusalem”, the song featured Keith Allen and Michael Barrymore

#17 Sing 4 England – By Chris Kamara (ft. Joe Public Utd)

Released: 2012 (Euro 2012)
UK Chart Position: DNC

This charity single was performed by ex-footballer Chris Kamara, and was England’s officially sanctioned song for Euro 2012.

#18 Sport Relief’s Greatest Day World Cup Song

Released: 2014 (World Cup)
UK Chart Position: N/A

This song was a re-recorded version of the Take That song, and featured vocals from Gary Barlow and other singers. It was the official song for England at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil but was never released as a single.


#19 Rik Mayall’s Noble England (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Released: April 2010 (World Cup)
UK Chart Position: #7 (and #1 on the UK Indie Charts)

#20 Olé – By Krept & Konan

Released: 26 June 2021 (Euro 2020)
UK Chart Position: #59

#21 Meat Pie Sausage Roll – By Grandad Roberts and his son Elvis

Released: 2010 World Cup

#22 Come On England – By 442

Released: June 2004 (Euro 2004)
UK Chart Position: #2 (#1 in the UK Indie charts)

Come on England is a reworking of the Dexys Midnight Runners hit "Come on Eileen" with additional lyrics added by Lindsey Stead and Rob McCewan.

#23 Do You Remember? – The Gaffer Tapes

Released: May 2018 (World Cup)

A comedy song released in 2018 by The Gaffer Tapes - a comedy fantasy football brand and award-winning podcast, consisting of Tom Holmes, Craig Hazell, and Ash Kernsworth.

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